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Social housing



Who may stay in our residences ?

Everyone may stay in our private residences. Our accommodation solutions will suit students looking for an individual studio or flatsharing, but also professors, workers and so on. You can stay in our residences for one night or for years, depending of your needs. Upcoming residence Le Mail (which will open by the beginning of 2020) will provide accommodations tailored for families.


How to book a room ?

The regular way to book a room is to login on, then follow these steps :

  1. Selection of the room you would like to book.
  2. Grant or deny of your request after Césal has checked your situation.
  3. Upload requested documents for rental file in PDF format : copy of ID (passport), proof of civil and liability insurance, bank account identity, certificate of school, proof of grants granted on social grounds.
  4. Download and print the documents of Césal which have to be brought filled and signed in duplicate the day of arrival : lease term, rules of procedure, act of joint and several guarantee, debit mandate.

How to come to the campus ?

Public transport:

The campus is served by several bus lines, at the bus stop Joliot-Curie:

  • The bus 91.06 links the campus to the train line RER B and RER C at the station Massy-Palaiseau.
  • The bus 9 links the campus to the train line RER B at the station Le Guichet.
  • The bus 11 links the campus to the train line RER B at the station Gif-sur-Yvette.


The campus is served by route N118 at exit 9 (Centre universitaire – Le Guichet, Gif-sur-Yvette).

Parking lot on the campus. You can rent a personal spot in an underground parking for 15€ per month.


Flatsharing : what is solidarity lease ?

Each apartment is the subject of a lease common to all roommates. This induces a solidarity and indivisibility of the roommates regarding the payment of the rent of the whole apartment.

Should I take out insurance for my room ?

Yes, you have to take out insurance for you room running for the whole leasing period.

Flatsharing :

The insurance can be taken out by a single roommate to cover the entire apartment. In this case, the name of all roommates must be included in the contract. In the event of a claim, all roommates must participate in the compensation of the loss.
It is also possible for everyone to subscribe individually to an insurance contract. By choosing this option, each contract must cover the entire surface of the apartment, which is indivisible. It is wise that all roommates subscribe with the same insurer to facilitate the process in case of disaster.

Why the amount of housing assistance may differ depending on the roommates of the same apartment ?

CAF takes into account various parameters for calculating housing assistance, some of which do not depend on the apartment but on the tenant : his resources, his family situation or his wealth. These criteria explain differences in amounts for seemingly identical situations.

How to pay the rent ?

At the end of the month, you will receive by e-mail the Avis d’échéance indicating the exact amount you must pay. You have several payment options:
• automatic debiting: simply log in to your Espace résident to activate automatic debit, then enter your bank details (SEPA mandate). You will be automatically deducted from the amount indicated on your Avis d’échéance, at the beginning of the following month.
• payment by bank transfer: for each transfer, you must specify: your first and last name, your room number and the reason of payment (rent, month, parking, deposit).
• Direct payment at the administration office (located in residence I): you can pay by credit card, check or cash. If you pay by check, you must write down on the back of it: your first and last name, your room number and the reason for payment (rent, month, parking, deposit).

What if I need help ?

In case of an emergency, you can call the security service anytime ; dial 06 69 94 10 88. When indicating the emergency need, be sure to precise the exact place where it is happening: residence, building, level, room. This phone number does not replace regular emergency services: for an ambulance, dial 15 ; for the police, dial 17 ; for the fire department, dial 18. Dial 112 for European emergency service. Scan this QR code to save the number of the security service in your phonebook.

Can I bring my own furniture ?

Sure ! To feel as comfortable as you like, you have the ability to add your own furniture (an armchair or a coffe table for example). When leaving the residence, you will have to take away the pieces of furniture you brought.

Please notice that you are not allowed to add heavy household appliance. Drilling walls (to hang up extra shelves for exemple) is completely forbidden.


You can leave residence during the lease term. For this, you must inform us by writing a letter to give at the administration of Césal. You must inform us at least one month before. For example, if you want to leave on December 15th, you must inform us by November 15th. If you leave your home during the month, the rent for this month will be charged to you in proportion to the number of days from the 1st of the month until the day of your departure.

At the administration of Césal, you will also make an appointment for check-out inventory after which you will return the key of your room and the mailbox. If you had a padlock mailbox, you must empty it and remove your padlock. You must also tell your important correspondents (your bank for example) that you are no longer resident in Césal.

What happens to the security deposit ?

When arriving at Césal for a long stay, you pay a security deposit. We give you back this amount within the month (31 days) following your departure date, if the check-in and check-out inventories match (meaning you did not damage your room during your stay, considering natural wear though). Depending of this observation, we may fully or partially keep the security deposit for repairing the damage you caused in your room. Notice that this situation will not occur if you take good care of your room. All you need to do is :

  • use equipment correctly ;
  • clean bathrooom to prevent scale from forming ;
  • defrost and clean fridge ;
  • clean floor and surfaces to prevent dust from accumulating ;
  • ventilate room regularly.



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